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Draft Investment Summary for the next phase of social protection support in Indonesia: MAHKOTA

An investment summary for the next phase of social protection support is provided for the information of individuals/organisations as an update to the inception planning documents for the Poverty Reduction Support Facility in Indonesia, which were provided in December 2013. The information contained in this document is caveated by the fact that the scale and scope of the proposed program may change at any time. This document has been developed in consultation with the Government of Indonesia and will be used as a basis for continued discussions as the forward poverty reduction agenda is developed. Australia's support in this sector must remain flexible, responsive and scalable as the next Indonesian Government confirms priorities and begins implementation over the coming year.

The draft MAHKOTA investment summary notes that a wide range of activities may be undertaken, but that these are not yet finalised. It is intended that a managing contractor will be engaged to manage the delivery of the investment through a facility model, and this will include annual planning processes to confirm priorities and maintain flexibility to adapt to emerging issues and changing resources as needed. The program design will be updated through an inception process in the first year.

An updated investment summary will be made available as an attachment to tender documentation. In line with the need for a flexible approach as outlined above, DFAT has not included detailed information on the budget in the document. The total budget for the program is currently estimated at $44 million over four years, subject to approvals. This information is provided for planning purposes only and is subject to delays, revision or cancellation.

Investment Summary: MAHKOTA Indonesia (PDF 588kb)
Investment Summary: MAHKOTA Indonesia (Word 296b)

Last Updated: 19 September 2014
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