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Business opportunities

Doing business with DFAT

DFAT Contractor Statement of Principles

The Statement of Principles articulates the context in which DFAT endeavors to implement contracts and outlines DFAT's expectations of contractors and what contractors can expect from DFAT, in addition to specific terms and conditions detailed in the contract. It is separate from, and is not intended to affect, the legal rights of either party.

Doing Business with DFAT Guide

DFAT is always looking to enhance the way it does business with its partners.

The "Doing Business with DFAT Guide" describes DFAT procurement, outlines how to pursue business opportunities, and offers hints and tips on tendering for DFAT procurements.

Further to this Guide, the Department of Finance's Selling to Government website provides information for businesses wanting to do business with the Australian Government.

Last Updated: 22 January 2018
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