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Industry engagement with managing contractors - Construction of ANGAU Memorial Hospital Redevelopment Project in Lae, Papua New Guinea

The Commonwealth is seeking industry feedback and comments from Managing Contractors with experience in the delivery of complex health infrastructure to inform its procurement strategy for the delivery of the ANGAU Memorial Hospital Redevelopment Project (the Project) in Papua New Guinea.

Under the Joint Understanding between Australia and Papua New Guinea on further bilateral cooperation on health, education and law and order (JU), the Commonwealth has made available approximately AUD$170 million for the redevelopment of ANGAU Memorial Hospital. It is critical that the scope of the redevelopment is maximised within this total budget envelope.

The objectives of the industry engagement process are to:

  • inform the construction market as to the size, scope and scale of the Project opportunity;
  • ensure that there is consistent and accurate market communication in relation to the Project;
  • inform the construction market in respect of the proposed procurement strategy for the Project;
  • ascertain market interest and capacity to deliver the Project, including exploration of alternate delivery options and procurement models;
  • seek feedback on commercial and contractual issues, including the proposed commercial structure for project delivery;
  • ascertain industry's views on the most appropriate allocation of risk and liability; and
  • seek feedback from the market on key issues affecting the Project (including size, scale, geography, delivery).

The Commonwealth therefore invites registration from interested, construction contractors that can demonstrate their previous experience in acting as a managing contractor in the delivery of complex health infrastructure of similar scope and complexity to the Project. Note that at this stage the Commonwealth is not seeking feedback from construction suppliers and construction trade subcontractors.

Responses from industry will be kept in strict confidence. There is no obligation for an industry participant to respond to the process (including to any specific request for information or clarification by the Commonwealth) and a decision not to respond will not affect any organisation's future opportunities in respect of the Project. Conversely, any response to this industry engagement process will not be taken into account in the future evaluation of any expression of interest or tender submitted by that participant. The Commonwealth advises that not all participants will progress to industry engagement, if (in the Commonwealth's sole discretion) they are not able to provide evidence of previous experience in the delivery of health infrastructure of similar scope and complexity as the Project.

The Commonwealth will consider responses provided by industry in the preparation of final procurement documentation. The Commonwealth reserves the right to seek information or clarification from any respondents, including respondents that did not register for or submit a response to the industry engagement process. Any adjustments to the draft documentation as a result of feedback from industry will be made at the Commonwealth's sole discretion. While the Commonwealth may communicate with industry to clarify responses, the Commonwealth will not reply to inquiries on the documentation at this stage.

The industry engagement process is not a procurement process. Any tender undertaken to engage a Managing Contractor for the Project will be conducted through a separate and discrete tender process.

The Commonwealth may, in its sole discretion, discontinue, suspend, extend or otherwise vary the industry engagement process.

To register interest, organisations must provide evidence of their demonstrated experience as a managing contractor capable of managing health construction work of similar scope and complexity as the Project. To apply for an information pack, please complete the attached confidentiality and application form [DOCX 21 KB] [PDF 46 KB] and provide your details via email to the following contact:

Requests for an information pack must be submitted by 16 April 2017.

Last Updated: 17 March 2017
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