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Australia’s Indian Diaspora: A National Asset - Mapping the Community’s Reach into the Australia-India Economic Relationship

Australia and India benefit from a long-standing relationship, with deep people-to-people links. As India celebrates its 75th anniversary of independence in 2022, a generation of skilled migrants, professionals and students make the Indian diaspora Australia's fastest growing large diaspora. As of 2020, Indian migrants became the second-largest group of overseas-born residents, at over 721,000.

Indian diaspora communities are active across all aspects of Australian life, including in business, politics, the judiciary, government, civil society, academia, science, the arts and sport. They are recognised for being rich sources of dynamism and enterprise. As Australia's strategic and economic ties with India continue to gain ground, a range of Indian diaspora networks have demonstrated their readiness to contribute their expertise and entrepreneurialism to the economic relationship. Many groups have the connections, language skills and know-how relevant to understanding India's complex markets and influencing Australia's perception within them.

The focus of this first-of-its-kind report is to develop a better understanding of the Indian diaspora's reach into the Australia-India economic relationship. The research presented will inform further engagement and collaboration with Indian diaspora networks as well as the consideration of diaspora engagement strategies to better target engagement and grow ties between Australia and India.

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