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Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)

Meeting of APEC Ministers Responsible for Trade (Stand-Alone)

Statement on Doha Development Agenda

Arequipa, Peru, 31 May – 1 June 2008

We, the APEC Ministers Responsible for Trade, gathering for our XIV Meeting
in Arequipa, Peru, once again express our strong support for and commitment
to the Multilateral Trading System and reiterate our determination to bring the
Doha Development Agenda to a successful conclusion this year.

Now that the completion of negotiations is within reach, it is more urgent than
ever for WTO Members to show strong leadership and willingness to
compromise. All key issues must be addressed in a decisive and balanced
way that takes into account the interests of all parties and recognizes the
central importance of the development dimension of the Doha Round.

We remain deeply committed to strengthening a predictable and transparent
rules-based global trading system which promotes trade liberalization and
increased economic opportunities for WTO Members. We emphasized that a
successful conclusion of the Doha Round must effectively address all
modalities issues, including the delivery of real and effective improvements in
market access. This will help foster economic development and raise living
standards for all.

Since our last meeting there has been substantial progress on key issues in
the Doha negotiations. The recent release of revised negotiating texts on
agriculture and non-agricultural market access (NAMA), and other Chairs'
reports on services and rules, are significant new developments that move the
Round into a new phase that should lead us into final negotiations. We
express our political will and strong determination to conclude the Round with
a balanced and ambitious outcome before the end of the year.

While finding an ambitious and balanced result in agriculture and NAMA
remains central to advancing negotiations, a successful outcome must deliver
meaningful progress in all areas. The upcoming services Signalling
Conference offers the opportunity to move forward in this area. We reiterate
our commitment to the single undertaking and a Round that creates new
commercial opportunities for all, especially for developing economies. This is
the key to liberalizing and expanding trade flows that promote growth and
development. We will continue to engage actively and constructively in the
negotiations in Geneva. We APEC Ministers are ready to engage to deliver
expeditiously a modalities agreement. We urge other WTO Members to do the

We are convinced that a prompt, ambitious and balanced conclusion to the
Round will be one of the important factors in overcoming the serious
international situation caused by recent food price escalation.

Last Updated: 6 November 2012
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