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How the Economic and Commercial Diplomacy Agenda will operate in practice

QR code on dairy and meat products to authenticate the product, track delivery and product information, and trace it back to where and when it was produced.
Image courtesy of Austrade

What we can do includes the following:

  • promote Australia's reputation as an outstanding place to visit, invest and do business, including by engaging media, hosting events, and working with Australian exporters and industry associations
  • assist Australian businesses to identify and access new markets where the opportunities are greatest, facilitating productive commercial networks
  • advocate on behalf of Australian business interests, including through international visits by Ministers and senior officials
  • advance the interests of Australian businesses in trade and investment negotiations and international economic forums
  • influence international standards and regulations to facilitate trade and competition
  • support Australian businesses in their engagement with foreign governments
  • consult business on relevant policy decisions and draw on their knowledge in developing policy
  • help establish Australian business groups in key global centres
  • engage the private sector in creating sustainable solutions to help address social and economic development challenges in our region
  • direct Australian businesses to suitable government services
  • inform Australian businesses of international and domestic legal obligations, including on sanctions and anti-bribery, and support voluntary international business principles and corporate social responsibility norms
  • connect Australian businesses with global and regional stakeholders, particularly in science, technology and innovation
  • work to strengthen the global rules-based trading system to ensure businesses have reduced uncertainty overseas, and
  • engage with domestic stakeholders to strengthen community understanding and support for international trade and investment.
Jillaroo on horseback counting cattle, Queensland
Image courtesy of Austrade

What we cannot do includes the following:

  • provide legal advice, or interpret or translate documents, though we may provide details of local lawyers and translators
  • intervene in another country's court proceedings or legal matters including employment and commercial disputes
  • arrange visas, licences, work or residency permits for other countries
  • intervene in immigration, customs or quarantine matters in other countries, and
  • in line with Australia's anti-bribery laws, we will not provide business-related services to any party that we are aware has breached laws prohibiting bribery and related behaviour – we will report credible evidence of any breach to the relevant authorities.
Last Updated: 27 November 2018
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