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Professional Services and Mutual Recognition Unit

The Professional Services and Mutual Recognition Unit supports the internationalisation of Australia’s professional services sector by helping industry associations and regulators make it easier for professionals to practise overseas.

Professional services are an increasingly important component of Australia’s export economy. Consistently ranked in the top four largest services exports for Australia, professional services play an essential role in facilitating international trade and investment, and in promoting economic growth and business confidence.

Australia’s trade agreements ensure professionals like accountants, architects, engineers, lawyers, physiotherapists, vets, teachers and others have access to foreign markets. However, like in Australia, professionals practising overseas may need to meet domestic licensing, registration or other requirements that are designed to protect consumers and the public. This includes Australian professionals providing services to international clients or to Australian clients with international operations.

The Professional Services and Mutual Recognition Unit helps Australian professional associations and regulators make arrangements for professionals to practise internationally based on their home-country qualifications and licensing through mutual recognition agreements. It also works to address behind the border (non-tariff) barriers that place an unnecessary burden on professionals providing services internationally.

Resolving behind the border issues and the successful conclusion of mutual recognition agreements will create new opportunities to export professional services, increase the value of Australian qualifications and raise the international profile of Australian professionals.

Contact us

The Professional Services and Mutual Recognition Unit can be contacted via email at or by phone on +61 2 6261 1111.


The APEC Inventory of Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRAs) for Professional Qualifications, funded by the Australian Government, is a single source online resource of all known mutual recognition agreements (MRAs) on licensing, qualifications and accreditation of professionals and skilled service providers in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) region. A shareable brochure outlining the uses of the APEC Inventory of Mutual Recognition Agreements for Professional Qualifications as well as how stakeholders and users can contribute is available on the Online Course - Digital Credentials and the Mutual Recognition of Professional Services.

The APEC Mutual Recognition Online Workshops – Digital Credentialling of Professional and Skilled Services Providers is an online training course for government officials and representatives from professional services competent authorities in the APEC region. The course explores current and best practice in the use of digital credentials to support cross-border recognition of professional service practitioners. For information about the next course date, please refer to the RMIT APEC Studies Centre website.

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