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Other FTAs with RCEP participating countries

Other FTAs between and among RCEP participating parties will co-exist with RCEP. Businesses will be able to decide which FTA they will use, based on a range of factors such as the tariffs and associated rules of origin applied. Many Australian export businesses currently make these assessments, for example, between SAFTA or TAFTA and AANZFTA.

For information on Australia's current FTAs, refer the FTAs in force page

FTAs among RCEP participating countries

The table below illustrates FTAs between ASEAN FTA partners.

  ASEAN* Australia China Japan Korea New Zealand
Japan     ❚❚  
Korea ❚❚  
New Zealand    
✔ FTA concluded, signed and in force
❚❚ Negotiations paused

Other information

DFAT maintains up-to-date country and regional factsheets containing economic data about each of the RCEP participating countries.

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