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Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures

  • The integrity of Australia's quarantine regime and our
    right to protect animal, plant, and human health and life are
  • Decisions about market access on quarantine or food
    safety grounds continue to be made on the basis of
  • A framework for discussions on specific products has been


The SPS Chapter covers market access issues affecting
quarantine and food safety, consistent with World Trade
Organization rules. Two committees have been

  • an SPS Committee to discuss general matters and enhance
    the understanding of each Party's SPS measures and associated
    regulatory processes.
  • a Standing Technical Working Group on Animal and Plant
    Health Measures to focus on quarantine matters relating to
    trade in specific animal and plant products.

Both countries have reaffirmed that decisions on matters
affecting quarantine and food safety will be based on science.
The agreement preserves the rights of both countries to
protect animal, plant and human health and life in their
respective territories. Australia's regulatory systems,
risk assessment and policy development processes are not
affected, and the AUSFTA does not compromise Australia's
quarantine regime.

Last Updated: 31 December 2012
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