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  • Australia and the United States are cooperating on
    competition law and policy.
  • Businesses and individuals will be treated fairly in
    enforcing competition law.
  • Consumer protection agencies are working together in
    combating illegal activity.
  • Consumers and investors defrauded or deceived have
    greater redress.


Australia and the United States agreed to uphold laws
against anti-competitive business practices, and ensure that
monopolies and government enterprises do not engage in
anti-competitive practices.

The ACCC and the US Federal Trade Commission are cooperating
further in detecting and notifying breaches, investigating
cases, and coordinating enforcement of consumer protection

Australian and US government agencies may take action to
recover money owed to consumers and investors who are
defrauded, deceived or misled. The Parties will examine
the scope for greater recognition of judgments in cases by the

Australia and the United States agreed to consult and inform
each other of competition matters that may affect bilateral
trade and investment.

Gains for Australia

  • A stronger basis for pursuing companies based in the
    United States.
  • Cooperation in combating breaches of consumer protection
  • Ability to recover money for consumers or investors
    defrauded or deceived.
  • Stronger US commitment to non-discriminatory enforcement
    of competition law.
  • Disciplines on US monopolies and state enterprises
  • Consultations and a joint working group to examine
    competition laws and policies.
Last Updated: 31 December 2012
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