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Reciprocal Health Care Agreement with New Zealand

Media Releases by Dr Michael Wooldridge MP, Minister for Health and Aged Care

4 May 1998

Medical Agreement text

Federal Minister for Health and Family Services, Dr
Michael Wooldridge, today signed an enhanced Reciprocal Health Care Agreement
with New Zealand which reaffirms health care access for Australians travelling
in New Zealand and New Zealanders travelling in Australia.

At a ceremony in Melbourne, Dr Wooldridge
and the New Zealand Associate Minister of Health, the Hon Roger Sowry,
signed the new agreement which will restore reciprocity in the level of
health care access available to visitors travelling between the two countries.

Dr Wooldridge said changes to the existing
agreement were an acknowledgement of Australia's strong business and family
ties with New Zealand and also highlighted the strong relationship between
the two countries.

"We sign agreements with countries
who have similar health systems and high tourist and business trade as
a method of extending the network of quality health care for Australians
travelling overseas," Dr Wooldridge said.

"Australians visiting New Zealand will
continue to have the same access as local residents to treatment in New
Zealand's public health system for general and emergency medical requirements."

Dr Wooldridge said the agreement meant New
Zealand visitors to Australia would have similar entitlements to Australia's
public health system.

Australia currently has reciprocal health
agreements with the United Kingdom, Malta, Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands
and Finland. Discussions continue with other countries with high standard
public health services.

"We have one of the best health systems
in the world and these reciprocal arrangements mean Australians travelling
overseas can rest assured that health care is reliable and accessible
while they are away from home." Dr Wooldridge said.

The Agreement will come into force later
in the year, after approval by both Governments.

Media Contact: Vanessa Monaghan, Dr Wooldridge's
office (02) 6277 7220

Last Updated: 7 January 2013
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