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Guidance for Australian business

Provides guidance for Australian businesses seeking to take advantage of the opportunities created by the Chile-Australia Free Trade Agreement, including greater market access and reduced import tariffs in Chile.

Key resources

For more information on doing business in Chile and about specific export opportunities, visit the Australian Trade Commission's (Austrade) website. As well as country-specific information, the Austrade website also has a database that can be searched by industry.

A key Chilean implementing agency for the FTA is the General Directorate of International Economic Affairs in the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs (known as DIRECON). Information from DIRECON on the Australia-Chile FTA.

Australian exporters seeking to access new opportunities under the Australia-Chile FTA may wish to obtain more information on rules of origin and other requirements from the Australian Customs Service.

If you have questions about detailed tariff outcomes, ongoing negotiations or how to obtain Rules of Origin certifications, contact DFAT.

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Additional information

Last Updated: 29 September 2015
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