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The Singapore-Australia Free Trade Agreement Business Guide explains how SAFTA has improved conditions of access to the Singapore market for many Australian businesses. It outlines new trade and investment opportunities for businesses in both Australia and Singapore and describes how to take advantage of them.

The DFAT Free Trade Agreement Portal allows users to compare tariffs and commitments across FTAs. On the goods side, the Portal shows tariff cuts under all FTAs in one chart. Under services, the Portal lets you toggle between available FTAs to compare commitments. Australia currently has three other FTAs in force with Singapore:

Other Agencies

The Australian Trade Commission's (Austrade) SAFTA website has further information about the agreement.

Austrade has identified potential opportunities for Australian suppliers of goods and services in a number of sectors. Austrade's Singapore country page supplies general information on doing business and on specific export opportunities. The Austrade website has a database that can be searched by industry.

Australian exporters seeking to access new opportunities under SAFTA may wish to obtain more information on rules of origin and other requirements from Home Affairs.

Ministry of Manpower email helpdesk

The governments of Australia and Singapore are making it easier for our people to work in each other's countries, as part of the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership and an upgrade to SAFTA.

Singapore's Ministry of Manpower has established a dedicated help desk to assist Australians seeking temporary entry into Singapore. The help desk will improve transparency and provide information:

  • on requirements for temporary entry
  • to Australians on applications for temporary entry
  • regarding the status of applications for temporary entry

The email helpdesk is now up and running at: or call +65 6871 6047.

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