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Pacific Media Assistance Scheme (PACMAS 3) independent evaluation report and management response

Summary of publication

The Pacific Media Assistance Scheme (PACMAS) has been the flagship of Australia’s support towards a stronger and more independent media sector in the Pacific for over a decade, with ABC International Development as its longstanding delivery partner. This report was undertaken to assess the effectiveness of the program’s third phase, which will conclude in December 2022. The recommendations made in this report will inform the next phase of PACMAS.

In assessing the performance of PACMAS during this most recent phase (2017– 2021), the evaluation focused on five key assessment queries as well as its relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, and contribution to gender equity and social inclusion.

Full publication

Independent Evaluation Report [PDF 635 KB]

Independent Evaluation Report [DOCX 155 KB]

Management Response

Management Response [PDF 145 KB]

Management Response [DOCX 20 KB]

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