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Australia-Indonesia Partnership Towards an Inclusive Society – Investment Design Document

Summary of Publication

The INKLUSI Investment Design Document (IDD) builds on and supersedes the INKLUSI [previously known as AIPTIS] Investment Design Framework (IDF).

The INKLUSI IDD is informed by inception phase analysis, consultation, and design finalisation that took place throughout 2021.

INKLUSI is an 8-year investment which has two inter-connected end of program outcomes (EOPOs). EOPO 1 is focused on direct results for marginalised people (e.g. improved access to services, improved livelihoods), achieved by partner CSOs within the scope of their INKLUSI-funded initiatives.

EOPO2 is focused on deeper systems change (e.g. social norms or policy change) that CSOs – in collaboration with Government of Indonesia and other stakeholders – can help promote, stimulate or broker through collective action, indirectly delivering longer-term benefits for marginalised people at larger scales.

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