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Market Systems Development Synthesis Review and management response

Summary of publication

The report presents the findings of a synthesis review of investments made by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) applying a Market Systems Development (MSD) approach. In 2019, the Agricultural Development and Food Security (AFS) section of DFAT commissioned a Synthesis Review of DFAT Funded Market Systems Development (MSD) programs. The purpose of the review was to assess the extent to which DFAT’s MSD programs remain relevant, offer value for money (in terms of both efficiency and effectiveness), and are meeting DFAT’s expectations of household and market system impacts that benefit the poor. The review also explored the extent to which MSD approaches can achieve impact across different contexts and whether there are certain pre-requisites contributing to success or failure. The primary audience is DFAT staff involved in current MSD programs, or considering options for new or follow-up investments where MSD approaches may be appropriate; while a secondary audience is DFAT’s implementing partners, including managing contractors, NGOs, governments and private sector organisations; as well as the global MSD community of practice, including other donors. The Terms of Reference for the Synthesis Review asked for suggestions on measures to further strengthen the development benefits from DFAT’s MSD programs. The Synthesis Review was completed in late 2019 and the report was finalised 24 January 2020. The report has been approved for publishing by Hannah Birdsey, Assistant Secretary, Agriculture, Infrastructure and Water Branch.

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Management Response


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