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Grant Agreement – Transparency International Indo-Pacific Partnerships Program (2020-23)

Summary of publication

This is a grant agreement between Australia and Transparency International (TI) valued at $9.25m from 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2023.

This program will support civil society, businesses and governments in our region to reduce corruption. Corruption is a key constraint to job creation and human development in many Indo-Pacific countries.

The program will focus on three end of program goals:

  1. Informed, Engaged and Active Demand for Accountability

    A diverse range of anti-corruption actors and coalitions (including women and women’s organisations) that directly implement, help inform and increase public awareness of effective and inclusive approaches to fighting corruption

  2. Responsive, Effective and Accountable Governance

    National and subnational governments have implemented or taken steps towards anti-corruption laws, policies, institutions and enforcement mechanisms that are based on evidence, adequately resourced and politically neutral

  3. Strong, Independent and Active TI Anti-Corruption Voice in Asia Pacific

    A TI movement (including national chapters and the secretariat) with the internal capacity (tools, knowledge, resources, institutional culture) to influence both state and non-state anti-corruption actors at regional, national and subnational levels.

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