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South-to-South: Activating Australian-Latin-American Cooperation through Sustainable Design Education

Project Summary

Cover graphic for South-to-South project

Cover graphic for South-to-South project. Credit: Mariano Ramirez.

Sector: Education

Country location: Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru

Grantee: University of New South Wales

Project Description

'Design-for-Sustainability' (DfS) promotes products, services, and systems that deliver positive impacts to society, the environment and the economy. The Learning Network on Sustainability (LeNS) is an association of DfS educators from 125 higher-education institutions in 27 countries, working to diffuse sustainability capacity through innovative curriculum development. By freely sharing learning-resources in an open-source format and 'copyleft' ethos, LeNS hopes that the next generation of designers would be equipped with the knowledge-base to aid them in the transition towards more sustainable futures.

This project will work with counterpart LeNS nodes in Latin America to jumpstart collaborative relationships in DfS education and research, and share expertise and experiences in a two-way knowledge exchange

Council on Australia Latin America Relations grant offer: $44,000 inc GST

Total project value: $132,733

Last Updated: 8 August 2018
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