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Paralympic Sports Science Research Inspiring women and people with disabilities

  • Sector: Higher Education and Sports
  • Country location: Australia, Oman, United Arab Emirates and Jordan
  • Grantee: Curtin University

Project description:

Promote a knowledge exchange between Australia and the Middle East which will include Sport Science Lessons from Australian Paralympic Success to Inspire Women and People with Disability in the Middle East. The project aims to raise awareness of the health benefits (physical, physiological and mental) of physical activity in the form of playing sports including Paralympic sports for people with disability in Jordan, UAE and Oman and share the Australian experience and expertise. This will help to establish and promote the development of ongoing research programs throughout Jordanian, Emirati and Omani communities and institutions.

Key dates

  • 20th May 2023
  • 10th June 2023
  • 20 September to 25 September 2023

Social media

CAAR will be promoted at Curtin Website. Twitter, further promotion for CAAR will be at Curtin Dubai, Sultan Qaboos University Muscat, Oman, University of Jordan and mainstream media in Oman, UAE, and Jordan.

  • Council for Australia-Arab Relations grant offer: $40,000.00
  • Total project value: $114,721.55
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