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Knowledge Exchange Adaptive greening solutions to tackle climate change

  • Sector: Education/Sustainable Development
  • Country location: Australia, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia
  • Grantee: A/Prof Elmira Jamei (LCI)- Victoria University

Project description:

Cities are one of the key contributors to climate change, as urban activities are the major source of greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, a coordinated approach and action at the regional, national, and international levels, are needed to make cities an integral part of the solution in fighting climate change. Several cities across the globe have already started addressing this challenge through planning for greener cities. Australia, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia have all set strategic climate change priorities to meet the Glasgow Agreement by 2023. Sharing greening solutions knowledge and lessons between Australian and Arab research can be of great benefit in tackling climate change and building enhanced links between Australia and Arab nations in the priority area of higher education and sustainability.

This project will pave the way in effective planning for greening initiatives and assist three nations in identifying practical solutions to prevent shrinking green zones. This project aims to provide knowledge exchange platform for successful practices in greening solutions, discuss the key barriers in implementation of urban greening drivers and find innovative urban greening technologies across three nations to promote climate-adaptive practices and initiate dialogue for bilateral business opportunities

Key date:

  • 1-3-2024 (Melbourne)
  • 29/05/2024 (Manama)
  • 3/06/2024 (Riyadh)

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  • Council for Australia-Arab Relations grant offer: $45,000
  • Total project value: $58.433.94
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