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Innovations in health and aged care promoting Arab-Australia knowledge transfer

  • Sector: Innovation and Sustainability; Health
  • Country location: Australia; Saudi Arabia; Egypt
  • Grantee: Madhan Balasubramanian, Hossein Esmaeili, Vivienne Brand, Angie Abdel Shafei, Mark Brommeyer (Flinders University) & Reem Alothmany – (King AbdulAziz University)

Project description

Building on the significant success and opportunities in business, trade, networking, and culture, created through our CAAR grants in 2019 and 2021, this project now focuses on the health and aged care sector to grow Arab-Australia's capacity for bilateral activity and knowledge transfer.

Key dates

Event Date Details
Call for articles/papers for special issue of an international journal 14 September 2023  Identification and selection of demonstration projects Asia Pacific Journal of Health Management Selection of 8-10 projects
Stakeholder Planning Workshop 17 October 2023 Online planning workshop with all stakeholders in Australia, Egypt and Saudi Arabia
"Emerging Leaders Award" in Health and Aged Care, Law, Education and Business
Project for students at Arab and Australian Universities
1 September 2023 to 1 April 2024 Research project/papers prize in relation to Australia-Arab health and aged care systems/administration (winners invited to conference to present)
International Multi Hybrid Symposium: to be held simultaneous in Adelaide, Cairo and Jeddah. 18 April 2024 International call for papers, posters, presentations and attendees (in months in lead-up) Travel to Egypt and Saudi Arabia Major conference Presentations and interactions
Aged Care CAAR Hub 30 June 2024 Online platform Extension of current website information
Outputs and Outcome Post-18 April 2024 Dissemination of outcomes and outputs of the conference and other project related activities (including social media publications/videos/papers)

In the Field

Flinders University's Australia Arab Team and Respected Dignitaries
Celebrating Arab-Australia Relations at Flinders University, Adelaide. Credit: Flinders University
Flinders University Arab-Australia Team members including Associate Professors Hossein Esmaeili and Vivienne Brand (Flinders University, Adelaide) and Dr Reem Alothmany (King AbdulAziz University, Saudi Arabia)
Promoting Arab-Australia Bilateral Capacity-building. Credit: Flinders University

Social media



LinkedIn; Facebook; Mainstream media: interviews, news announcements and articles/blogs

  • Council for Australia-Arab Relations grant offer: $52,100.00
  • Total project value: $149,130.00
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