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Humanising self-driving cars. Autonomous vehicles and human-machine interaction

  • Sector: Science, Technology, and Innovation
  • Country location: UAE
  • Grantee: University of Western Sydney

Project description:

Our project exchanges interdisciplinary expertise to conceptualise, design, and develop human-centric autonomous cars that are technically safe and reliable, trustable, promote inclusiveness through enhanced accessibility, reduce gender and economic disparities, support people with special needs and cognisant of civil values.

Key dates:

Activity or Event Location Target audience Expected start date Expected end date
Regional Conference in Canberra UNSW Canberra Researchers and students 26/06/2023 30/06/2023
JSSR 2023 (international conference on social agents) Al Ain, UAE Researchers and local government officials and students 06/11/2023 10/11/2023

Social media

Media activity Location Target audience Date of release Specific social media account or URL
Promotion of JSSR 2023 Conference Al Ain General public 06/11/2023  
  • Council for Australia-Arab Relations grant offer: $40,000
  • Total project value: $82,500
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