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Empowering next generation Women entrepreneurs, gender equality and social cohesion

  • Sector: Social Cohesion and Gender Equality
  • Country location: Egypt and Dubai
  • Grantee: Ashokkumar Manoharan, Flinders University

Project description:

COVID-19 exacerbated pre-existing gender inequalities. Advancing gender equality, SDG 5, is critical for women's empowerment, employment, and entrepreneurship, which contributes to overall economic growth, development and social cohesion (World Bank, 2022). To provide opportunities to help address gender disparities and promote social cohesion in the Arab region, this project proposes (1) Arab-based Immersive Experience activities to promote female entrepreneurship career opportunities and strengthen the region's entrepreneurial capacity, by connecting entrepreneurial-minded students from Australia, Egypt and UAE, with women social and digital entrepreneurs in peer-to-peer learning, masterclasses, and mentoring; (2) an international symposium comprising women social and digital entrepreneurs, students, scholars and other stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem follows, sharing, synthesizing, and disseminating lessons learned and best practices. Thus, the project promotes a holistic and contemporary mutual understanding of opportunities for female entrepreneurs, gender equality and social cohesion among the project's Australian and Arab stakeholders.

Key dates:

Nov 2023/March 2024

In the field


Dr. Ashokkumar Manoharan (Right) and A/Prof. Janice Jones (Left).
Associate Professor Janice Jones and Dr Ashokkumar Manoharan. Credit: Flinders University

Social media

The success stories will be shared through the Flinders Universities, the partnering institutions, and the Principal Participants' social media accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram

  • Council for Australia-Arab Relations grant offer: $40,000
  • Total project value: $93,348.00
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