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Jousour: Connecting Australian and Tunisian scholars via Art and Architecture

  • Sector: Art and Culture
  • Country location: Tunisia, UAE
  • Grantee: The University of Adelaide


The Great Mosque of Kairouan, Tunisia.
The Great Mosque of Kairouan, Tunisia. Photo Credit: K.Barsch, 2000

Project description

This jousour (building bridges) between Australian and Tunisian academics aims enhance collective disciplinary expertise, focusing on the art and architecture of Muslim communities. Highlights of an online symposium, complemented by film footage and photography, will include digital display at the Australian Pavilion, Dubai Expo 2020. The collaboration will be further documented in an online exhibition launched in November 2022.

Key dates

  • 21-22 March 2022 - Online Symposium
  • 15 November 2022 - Launch of Online Exhibition

Social media

Website: School of Architecture and Built Environment

Facebook: CAMEA

  • Total project value: $ 59,100
  • Council for Australian-Arab Relations grant offer: $ 59,100
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