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Building capacity for Tunisian NGOs working with disadvantaged communities

  • Sector: Communications, Information, Media and Advocacy
  • Country location: Australia, Tunisia
  • Grantee: Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation
Group photo of twelve people.
Local Democracy Symposium, 2016. Credit: Deakin University.

Project description

The project involves bringing to Australia Tunisian NGOs engaged in advocacy and service provision in disadvantaged areas in Tunisia for intensive workshops and interactive programs. The purpose is to increase their capacity to effectively deliver services and participate in the Tunisia's nascent democratic process. The select group will consist of members from a cross-section of community organisations (for example: youth, women, and environment) involved in significant work around development in the post-revolution context. In collaboration with partner organizations, the Alfred Deakin Institute will coordinate intensive programs involving facilitated interactive workshops comprising of learning, sharing and engagement activities with community-led organisations, expert presentations and field visits to key institutions. The focus will be on capacity building advocacy and service delivery affecting communities suffering from multiple forms of disadvantage.

Key dates

  • Meeting with Indigenous organisations: Melbourne, March 2020
  • Workshop on migrant Australia / Meetings with Refugee Settlement Services / Meetings with NGO in women's advocacy: Melbourne, March 2020
  • Workshop on worker's union roles and advocacy and policy / Meetings with youth advocacy organizations / Site visit focussing on community led initiatives: Melbourne, March 2020
  • Meeting with advocacy organisation on public media campaigns / Workshop/meeting with community media organisation / Community radio segment: Melbourne, March 2020
  • Visit to DFAT: Canberra, March 2020
  • Meeting with advocacy/lobbyists at Parliament House: Canberra, March 2020
  • ANU workshop/seminar about political participation and the role of advocacy: Canberra, March 2020
  • Post-workshop outro: Sydney, March 2020
  • Council for Australian-Arab Relations grant offer: $40,000.
  • Total project value: $80,191.

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