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Al Salam Festival 2020

  • Sector: Building Cultural Understanding / Society and Culture
  • Country location: Australia
  • Grantee: Islamic Society of South Australia
Flyer for the Al Salam Festival, Veale Gardens, 2pm to 10pm, Sunday 10 March 2019.
Al Salam Festival, Veale Gardens, 2019. Credit: Islamic Society of South Australia.

Project description

The Al Salam Festival is an initiative which endeavours to address concerns currently prevalent within the wider Australian community and to change negative attitudes towards Muslims and migrants identifying as Middle Eastern. The festival explains how Arab inventions and culture have influenced the West today and dispel common misconceptions relating to culture, tradition and ideology of people coming from the Middle East. Allowing Australia's diaspora communities link with the broader Australian community in an attempt to foster better relations and understanding.

Key dates

  • AL Salam Festival: Veale Gardens, 7 to 8 March 2020

  • Council for Australian-Arab Relations grant offer: $10,000.
  • Total project value: $60,000.

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