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Meet our 2016 grantees

Drawing students' ideas of science in Australian and Korean schools

Project summary

Sector: Building Cultural Understanding / Society and Culture
Country location: Australia, Republic of Korea
Grantee: Curtin University

Project Description

This project aims to compare how Australian and Korean students explain and communicate their ideas in science, and provide the students an authentic language learning experience. Moving beyond learning to say some basic greetings, the participating students will have opportunities to express and communicate their scientific ideas to their counterpart with drawings and in a foreign language. The participating students will first use drawings to express their scientific ideas and explain them to their peers in both English and Korean. Then the students will have opportunities to communicate their ideas to their Australian and Korean counterparts via video-conferencing.

Key dates:

Australian researchers visiting Korea, Ewha University, 10 October 2016

lessons at a local school, local secondary schools (Perth and Seoul), 07 November 2016 Korean researchers visiting Australia, Curtin University, 06 February 2017

lessons at a local secondary school, a local secondary school (Perth and Seoul), 04 September 2017

Social media: facebook and website (Curtin University School of Education & the investigator's personal page)

Australia-Korea Foundation grant offer: $29,320.00

Total project value: $98,552.50

Last Updated: 15 August 2016
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