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Russia – Australia prohibits the import of Russian gold.

International relations

Australia will impose further sanctions against Russia in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Australia will prohibit the import, purchase or transport of gold exported from Russia after 30 September 2022.

The Autonomous Sanctions (Import Sanctioned Goods—Russia) Amendment (No.1) Designation 2022 (the Designation) designates gold exported from Russia after 30 September 2022 as an ‘import sanctioned good’ for Russia.

The Designation commenced on 30 September 2022.

Gold, as designated by the Designation, is described by reference to code 7108 in  the Current Tariff Classification (Chapter 71), available on the Australian Border Force website.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs made the Designation under subregulation 4A(3) of the Autonomous Sanctions Regulations 2011.

Details of sanctions that Australia imposes against Russia, including of other ‘import sanctioned goods’ for Russia, are available on the sanctions page of the DFAT website.

Should you have any questions, you can contact the Australian Sanctions Office using our online portal, Pax.   

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