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New e-game to teach kids about Australia and Indonesia


DFAT has released an innovative new e-Learning game to help children learn about Indonesia and Australia.

Created by Australia's Embassy in Jakarta, Next Door Land takes players on a fun virtual journey through either Australia or Indonesia.

The fun and interesting game aims to help young Indonesians and Australians develop people-to-people links and promote cultural understanding among primary and junior secondary students in both countries.

Players can experience the hustle and bustle of Jakarta, race to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, learn to play the gamelan, surf near Perth, cook Indonesian dishes and play cricket in Adelaide. In doing so, they'll learn about the history of both countries, their traditions, cultures, architecture and mythology.

The e-game reflects DFAT's increasing expansion into digital diplomacy, where we are using technology to create cultural and educational ties with our close neighbours.

Teachers and students from both Indonesia and Australia can download the game for free to use as a fun and educational teaching resource that shows the shared interests between the two countries.

Next Door Land will be made available to every Indonesian school on the Rumah Belajar website, the Indonesian Government's education portal.

It is also available for download in Windows, iOS and Android versions.

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Last Updated: 26 May 2016
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