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Consular Strategy 2017-19


Minister for Foreign Affairs, The Hon Julie Bishop MP, has launched the Australia Government's Consular Strategy 2017-19, which will guide Australia's consular priorities for the next three years and ensure our service maintains world's best practice.

Each year, consular officers in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade assist around 16,000 Australians injured, assaulted, robbed, hospitalised, arrested or detained overseas – prioritising those in serious distress – while the 24/7 Consular Emergency Centre takes more than 66,000 calls per year. Each day consular officers manage around 1600 cases.

The Consular Strategy 2017-2019 will further modernise Australia's consular service, seek to maximise public engagement with Smartraveller, explore ways to expand victim support services, and maintain a focus on mental health.

Last Updated: 25 July 2017
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