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Combatting human trafficking in our region

International relations

On 18 March, Australia announced a ten year, $80 million commitment to continue our long-running collaboration with ASEAN to combat human trafficking in our region.

Combatting human trafficking is a priority for Australia and ASEAN. This transnational crime crosses borders and requires a regional response.

ASEAN-Australia Counter-Trafficking will build on our 15 year history of supporting improved criminal justice sector responses to this crime in ASEAN, including through our current investment the Australia-Asia Program to Combat Trafficking In Persons (AAPTIP).

Read more about ASEAN-Australia Counter-Trafficking

The investment design has been approved and a request for tenders to support delivery of the investment will soon be published on AusTender (

Questions regarding Australia's regional cooperation on countering human trafficking in ASEAN can be directed to the Australian Mission to ASEAN, at

Last Updated: 16 March 2018
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