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Archive of feature stories - November 2010


Visit by Bono

29 November 2010

Anti-poverty campaigner Bono has congratulated Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd and Australia for the bi-partisan support of the increase in the nation's overseas development program. Joined by the co-chairs of Make Poverty History, Tim Costello and Andrew Hewitt, the meeting focussed on the global development agenda, and in particular the need to improve maternal health and continue successes in combatting HIV/AIDS.

AANZFTA Business Seminar

26 November 2010

DFAT hosted a seminar for business and government representatives on the ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement in Melbourne. It provided an opportunity for businesses to engage with government on maximising the benefits of AANZFTA and the opportunities created.

AANZFTA: Creating business opportunities

More about AANZFTA

75th and 110th anniversaries of the modern Department of Foreign Affairs
and Trade

22 November 2010

Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd outlined his vision for the future of the Australian Foreign Service during an event in Canberra on 18 November to commemorate the establishment of the modern Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Photo: Prime Minister Julia Gillard at the G20 Seoul Summit.

G20 Seoul Summit

12 November 2010

The leaders of the G20 economies have agreed in Seoul to resist protectionism and seek to make significant progress to further reduce barriers to trade.

G20 Seoul Summit Leaders Declaration

Transcript of Prime Minister's press conference, Seoul, Korea

More about Australia and the G20

G20 Seoul Development Consensus for Shared Growth

Front cover of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Trade and Investment report

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Trade and Investment in 2009

12 November 2010

The APEC Region Trade and Investment, 2010 report highlights Australia's trade and investment relationship with individual APEC economies, as well trade between other APEC economies.

APEC Region Trade and Investment

22nd APEC Ministerial Meeting

11 November 2010

Australia has vigorously pursued its ambitious agenda to promote trade liberalisation during discussions with Asia-Pacific Trade and Foreign Ministers in Yokohama, Japan.

Media release: Australia advances ambitious trade agenda at APEC

Speech: Measures to revitalise SMEs and expectations about the role of SMEs in the context of APEC's Growth Strategy

Trade Minister Dr Craig Emerson and Mr Zhang Ping, Chairman of China's National Development and Reform Commission met in Beijing on 2 November 2010

Trade Minister visits Asia

10 November 2010

Trade Minister Dr Craig Emerson travelled to China, the Republic of
Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong from 31 October to 4 November 2010. At the
conclusion of the trip Dr Emerson said further trade liberalisation will
create more jobs and prosperity in the region and globally.

Media release: Opening markets to unlock regional and global jobs and prosperity


8 November 2010

Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd welcomed US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Melbourne on 6 November ahead of the Australia-United States Ministerial (AUSMIN) consultations.

AUSMIN 2010 Joint Communiqué

Australia and US - an enduring partnership

The Melbourne Statement

Partnership to address violence against women globally

Joint press conference

Imagine Australia

4 November 2010

Foreign Minister Rudd visited the Red Gate Gallery in Beijing on 4 November. Part of Imagine Australia, the Year of Australian Culture in China, the Hard Sleeper exhibition featured work by Australian and Chinese artists who collaborated in a program of cultural exchange. Imagine Australia continues through to June 2011 with a program of events celebrating Australia's cultural partnership with China.

Line chart with four curves and a positive slope

Trade surplus in September

4 November 2010

Trade Minister Dr Craig Emerson has welcomed a seasonally adjusted trade surplus of $1.8 billion in September.

The result is a continuing sign of the underlying strength of the Australian economy, Dr Emerson said in a media release: Australia records 6th consecutive trade surplus in September.

Australia's trade balance to September 2010

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