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WA leads states in exports, NT grows fastest

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Media Release

Media Release

Western Australia was the nation's leading exporter in 2006-07, but the Northern Territory is undergoing the
greatest export growth. According to a publication released today
by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), Territory
exports jumped 41 per cent over the year.

All states and territories recorded increases in exports
compared with the previous fiscal year.

The figures are contained in Australia's Trade by
State and Territory 2006-07
one of
DFAT's series of trade analysis publications. The publication
provides a complete statistical guide to exports and imports of
goods and services for every state and territory on a financial
year basis.

Total exports for Australia were $214 billion (up 10 per cent
from 2005-06) consisting of:

  • Western
    $66.0 billion
  • NSW:
    $50.8 billion
  • Queensland:
    $44 billion
  • Victoria:
    $33.1 billion
  • South
    $10.7 billion
  • Northern
    $4.1 billion
  • Tasmania:
    $4 billion and
  • Australian
    Capital Territory: $960 million.

The figures highlight the significance of services exports by
all states and territories. For instance, education services to
foreign students were key exports in NSW ($4.3 billion), Victoria
($3.5 billion), Queensland ($1.6 billion) and South Australia ($648

Overall, education services were worth $11.7 billion – or
25 per cent of Australia's total services exports of $46

Northern Territory exports have jumped as a result of
significant natural gas exports coming on stream (up 267 per cent
to $1.2 billion). Crude petroleum exports from the Northern
Territory also increased 20 per cent to $676 million.

China was the top export destination for NSW, Victoria and WA,
while Japan was the main market for Queensland, Tasmania and the
Northern Territory. The US was the number one export
destination for South Australia and the ACT.

Imports rose by 8 per cent to $225 billion. NSW was the
largest importing state followed by Victoria, Queensland and

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Last Updated: 14 January 2013
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