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Trade and Investment in the APEC Region

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Media Release

Media release from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade


Australian exports of merchandise to APEC countries grew by 23 per cent during

Highlights of Australia's trade with other APEC economies are
contained in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade publication The
APEC Region Trade and Investment, 2001,
released today.

The publication contains details of trade between APEC economies in
both merchandise and services. It also compares major economic
indicators of each of the APEC members, including unemployment,
inflation and output.

APEC members accounted for 73 per cent of Australia's exports
during 2000-01.

Over the last decade, merchandise exports to APEC have grown at an
average annual rate of seven per cent while the 10-year average growth
rate for exports of services has been 11 per cent.

In 2000-01, principal Australian exports to APEC members included
crude petroleum, coal, aluminium, iron ore and beef. Exports of
all of these items rose significantly during the year. Exports
of manufactured items to APEC economies also performed strongly,
rising by 17 per cent during the year.

The largest APEC markets for Australian exports were Japan,
accounting for $23.5 billion, followed by the United States, which
accounted for $11.7 billion, and Korea, where exports were valued at
$9.2 billion. Thirty seven per cent of Australia's export income
came from these three countries in 2000-01.

Copies of the publication can be purchased for $48 by contacting
the Market Information and Analysis Unit on Ph (02) 6261 3114 or Fax
(02) 6261 3321.

An extract from the report will be available on the Department's
website at
Orders for the publication can also be placed on the website.

Media enquiries:

Guihot, DFAT Media Liaison, 02 6261 1555

Last Updated: 19 September 2014
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