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Torres Strait Meeting

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Media Release


The Seventh Meeting of the Torres Strait Joint Advisory Council will take
place in Cairns on 28-29 November 1996.

The Joint Advisory Council (JAC) is the peak body for consultations at officials'
level between Australia and Papua New Guinea on Torres Strait issues. It
was established under the Torres Strait Treaty ratified by the two countries
in 1985.

The 22 member PNG delegation travelling to Cairns for the meeting will be
led by Peter Eafeare, Acting Director-General, Department of Foreign Affairs
and Trade. The Australian delegation will be headed by John Burgess, Assistant
Secretary, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Under the Torres Strait
Treaty each delegation comprises three elements - national representatives,
State or Province representatives (Queensland and Western Province of PNG),
and representatives of the traditional inhabitants of each side of the border.

The meeting will have a broad range of issues on its agenda, covering matters
relating to the free movement of traditional inhabitants, the environment,
fisheries, health, customs and policing, quarantine, and telecommunications.

The meeting will be held at the Matson Plaza Hotel in Cairns.

For further information, please contact Anthony Taylor, Media Liaison Section,
DFAT on (06) 261 1555.

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