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The APEC Region, Trade and Investment - Release of publication

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The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade today released the 1996 issue
of the publication The APEC Region, Trade and Investment on the eve
of the APEC conference in the Philippines. This publication provides vital
information on trade and investment relationships in the APEC region and
between APEC and the rest of the world.

The APEC Region, Trade and Investmen
t highlights the continuing internal
concentration of trade among APEC economies that account for 46 per cent
of world trade and over half the world's GDP. The publication also compares
major economic indicators of each of the APEC members, including data on
real GDP and GDP per capita.

Copies of the publication can be purchased, for $40, by contacting Ms Jane
Monico on:

phone: (06) 261 3114,
or fax: (06) 261 3321.

For further information, please contact Anthony Taylor, Media Liaison Section,
DFAT on (06) 261 1555.

Last Updated: 19 September 2014
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