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Japanese Prime Minister Abe’s announcement on Japanese security policies

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Australia welcomes the announcement by Japanese Prime Minister Abe on 1 July to allow Japan to make a greater contribution to international peace and stability including through the exercise of its UN Charter right to collective self-defence.

Japan has, for decades, demonstrated a strong commitment to peacekeeping operations and humanitarian and disaster relief, and this decision will enhance these efforts.

Australia has worked well with Japan in difficult security environments overseas and the decision will support our future efforts to deepen practical defence cooperation with Japan.

Under the new policies, Japan could now respond in the event of an armed attack against a close partner of Japan, where there was a clear danger to Japan's survival and to the Japanese people. The use of force would be limited to the minimum extent necessary.

The Australian Government looks forward to welcoming Prime Minister Abe to Australia next week for an official visit.

Last Updated: 2 July 2014
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