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International Design Competition for the International Criminal Court

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Media Release

Media Release

Australian architectural firms are encouraged to compete
against the world's leading designers for construction of
the new International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague, The
Netherlands. The aim of the competition is to produce
three award-winning designs, one of which will be selected to
house the Court. The construction cost of the premises
has been budgeted at €103 million.

The ICC is an independent and permanent court that
prosecutes those accused of the most serious crimes of
international concern, including genocide, crimes against
humanity and war crimes. The establishment of the Court
was a substantial achievement in furthering international law
and enhancing the fight against impunity for those guilty of
these serious crimes.

The design and construction of a permanent building for the
ICC is an important step in the development of the Court as an
international judicial institution. It is hoped that the
new building will enable the Court to discharge its duties
effectively whilst also appropriately reflecting the
significance of the institution.

The Australian Government is a strong supporter of the ICC
and would welcome Australian-based architectural firms
submitting designs to the competition. Australian
architects are well qualified to submit innovative designs to
the competition that provide suitable working conditions,
functionality, security and ecological fit for the Court.

The competition process will comprise several stages –
a call for candidates and pre-selection, a design stage, and a
review, negotiation and selection stage. A jury comprised
of the Chief Government Architect of The Netherlands and
representatives from the ICC, States Parties to the Court, the
host city and government, and architects will decide on the
selection of candidates and the winning designs.

Further information on the design competition, and details
on how to seek pre-selection, can be found on the ICC website. Prospective candidates have until 1 April 2008 to submit their
applications for pre-selection.

Last Updated: 14 January 2013
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