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East Asian Hemisphere Ambassadors to Meet in Canberra

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Media Release

Media release from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade


The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade will assemble its most
senior diplomatic representatives in the East Asian region for a major
conference to review Australia's performance and discuss the strategic
direction of Australia's relations with the region to 2000 and beyond.

The conference will be held from 3-5 May in Canberra.

It will be the first time Australian Ambassadors, High Commissioners
and Consuls-General, of the North-East Asian and South-East Asian
regions have been called together for a conference.

The attendees are:

  • Ms Susan Boyd, Ambassador, Vietnam
  • Mr Ashton Calvert, Ambassador, Japan
  • Dr Jocelyn Chey, Consul-General, Hong Kong
  • Mr John Dauth, High Commissioner, Malaysia
  • Mr Ted Delofski, High Commissioner, Singapore
  • Mr Cavan Hogue, Ambassador, Thailand
  • Mr Stuart Hume, Ambassador, Myanmar
  • Mr Anthony Kevin, Ambassador, Cambodia
  • Mr Mike Lightowler, Ambassador, People's Republic of China
  • Mr Frank Milne, High Commissioner, Brunei Darussalam
  • Mr Roland Rich, Ambassador, Laos
  • Dr Richard Rigby, Consul-General, Shanghai
  • Mr Dick Smith, Ambassador, The Philippines
  • Mr Allan Taylor, Ambassador, Indonesia
  • Mr Mack Williams, Ambassador, Republic of Korea

The three portfolio Ministers, Senator Evans, Senator McMullan and Mr
Bilney, will be involved in the discussions with the Heads of Mission on
strategies and directions for Australian foreign, trade and other policy
interests in the region.

In addition, Mr Colin Heseltine, Senior Representative, Australian
Chamber of Industry and Commerce (ACIO) in Taipei has been invited to
the conference along with representatives of major economic and policy
departments with interests in the region.

As well as reviewing the achievements of the Government's Asia policy
to date, the senior diplomats will examine the development of the East
Asian region politically and economically over the next five years and
the implications for Australia's policies and priorities.

The conference will address security and strategic issues;
Australia's economic engagement with the East Asian hemisphere;
Government services to Australian business in the region; cultural
factors affecting Australia's relations with East Asia and public

Following the meeting, the diplomats will participate in extensive
consultations with business through a series of briefings and seminars
on 8-9 May in Sydney and Melbourne. This will provide an opportunity to
brief business leaders on developments across the region and in
individual countries.

A Ministerial Press Conference attended by the Heads of Missions
will be held at 2pm on Friday 5 May in Senate Committee Room 2S1 of
Parliament House, Canberra.

For further information, please contact: Paul Molloy, DFAT, on (06)
261 3207.

Last Updated: 19 September 2014
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