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Composition of Trade - Release of publication

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The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade today released the 1995-96 issue
of the publication Composition of Trade.

This compendium of statistics on merchandise exports and imports provides
a comprehensive analysis of the growth, direction and commodity breakdown
of Australia's merchandise trade in recent years.

Individual reports show the detailed composition of trade with all major
partners over the last five years.

Highlights of trade in 1995-96 include a 13 per cent increase in the value
of exports to $76 billion, including a 17 per cent increase in exports of
elaborately transformed manufactures.

Copies of this publication can be purchased, for $40, by contacting Mrs
Jane Monico on: phone fax

(06)261 3114, or (06)261 3321.

Last Updated: 19 September 2014
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