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Australia's Trade by State and Territory

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The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has today published a new report: Australia's Trade by State and Territory 2013-14 which provides a complete statistical guide to exports and imports of goods and services for each state and territory.

South Australia's rate of trade growth stood out in 2013-14, with export and import volumes up 9.3 per cent and 6.7 per cent respectively on the previous year. Export volumes also grew from Western Australia (up 7.4 per cent), Queensland (up 4.7 per cent), Victoria (up 1.9 per cent) and New South Wales and the Northern Territory (both up 0.8 per cent). Offsetting these rises were falls in export volumes from Tasmania (down 13.7 per cent) and the Australian Capital Territory (down 9.6 per cent).

Iron ore & concentrates and coal were the top exports for four of Australia's states, amounting to $106.6 billion (or 32.2 per cent) of total exports. Western Australia ($72.5 billion) and South Australia ($1.6 billion) were the main exporters of iron ore & concentrates while Queensland ($19.3 billion) and New South Wales ($13.3 billion) were the main exporters of coal.

In 2013-14, Western Australia remained Australia's major exporter accounting for $138.0 billion – or 41.7 per cent – of Australia's total exports, followed by New South Wales and Queensland with 18.1 per cent and 16.5 per cent, respectively. New South Wales remained Australia's leading destination for imports, accounting for 34.6 per cent (or $116.9 billion), followed by Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia.

The Department publishes an extensive range of trade and economic statistics, which are available publicly on the DFAT website. To assist Australian businesses, the Department also offers a trade data consultancy service, which can produce reports tailored to specific requirements. For further information, email

Last Updated: 25 February 2015
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