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Australia welcomes Mexico into Australia Group

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Media Release

Media release

Australia today congratulated Mexico on becoming the 42nd member of the Australia Group, an informal forum of like-minded countries committed to preventing the spread of chemical and biological weapons for nearly 30 years.

Mexico was acknowledged for the steadfast work it had done to bring its export control system fully into line with the Australia Group's common control lists and guidelines.

It was applauded for demonstrating its commitment to non-proliferation by joining the group.

Australia looks forward to the contribution Mexico will make to the work being done to prevent the spread of chemical and biological weapons.

Australia took the initiative to establish the Australia Group in 1985 and provides its permanent chair and Secretariat.

The Australia Group has since set the international benchmark for best-practice export controls on the materials, equipment and technologies that could contribute to the development or acquisition of these weapons by states or terrorist groups.

It has also been working to highlight the chemical weapons threat in Syria and to encourage all countries to intensify scrutiny of exports to Syria to ensure they do not contribute to that threat.

Further information on the Australia Group can be found at:

Last Updated: 13 August 2013
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