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Universal Periodic Review of Liechtenstein, 9 May 2023

Universal Periodic Review Working Group – 43rd Session

Universal Periodic Review of Liechtenstein

9 May 2023

Statement by Australia

Thank you, [President/Vice President]

Australia commends Liechtenstein for its commitment to human rights and efforts to improve human rights standards in line with previous UPR recommendations, including ensuring adequate and independent resourcing of National Institutions through entry-into-force of the Human Rights Association Act.

Australia encourages Liechtenstein to continue to improve the rights of women, LGBTI people and persons with disabilities.

Australia recommends Liechtenstein:

  1. Adopt a comprehensive anti-discrimination law to prevent and combat prejudice and discrimination against LGBTI persons.
  2. Continue progressing legislative amendments in order to ratify the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
  3. Develop and enact practical policies to provide support and counteract mental health problems among young people, including by acting to reduce physical and psychological domestic violence.
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