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Universal Periodic Review of Ghana, Statement by Australia, 24 January 2023

Universal Periodic Review Working Group – 42nd Session

Universal Periodic Review of Ghana

Statement by Australia

24 January 2023

Thank you, [President/Vice President]

Australia commends Ghana’s progress towards abolishing the death penalty through parliamentary consideration of amendments to the Armed Forces Act and the Criminal Code. We are very concerned by potential further criminalisation of LGBTI persons and LGBTI activities. We urge Ghana to strengthen protection of human rights of women and girls, including women accused of witchcraft.

Australia recommends that Ghana:

  1. Pass legislation to abolish the death penalty and accede to the Second Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.
  2. Repeal section 104 (1) (b) of the Criminal Offences Act 1960, and guarantee fundamental human rights and freedoms for all Ghanaians regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, in accordance with Ghana’s international obligations.
  3. Protect the human rights of women accused of witchcraft, including through education programs, provision of adequate shelter, and strengthened mental health and domestic violence support services.

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