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United Nations

Universal Periodic Review of Argentina, 23 January 2023

Universal Periodic Review Working Group – 42nd Session

Universal Periodic Review of Argentina

Statement by Australia

23 January 2023

Thank you, [President/Vice President]

We commend Argentina for its progress on human rights since its last Universal Periodic Review in 2017. We particularly acknowledge Argentina’s efforts to advance the rights of women and girls, including their reproductive rights, as well as the upgrade of the National Council for Women to Cabinet ministry status and the appointment of the first ever federal Minister for Women. We also commend Argentina’s commitment to LGBTI rights and to universal, readily accessible and quality health care, particularly with the challenges of the global pandemic.

Australia recommends that Argentina:

  1. Take immediate and additional steps to improve prison conditions, with particular attention to addressing overcrowding, violence, and inadequate health services in juvenile facilities.
  2. Ensure any lawful use of force by police and other security forces is reasonable, necessary, and proportionate, and that excessive use of force by police is adequately investigated and, where appropriate, prosecuted.
  3. Ensure the national human rights institution is able to fulfill its mandate to protect human rights, including by appointing a National Ombudsman.


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