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45th session of the Universal Periodic Review

Universal Periodic Review of Chad, Advance questions from Australia

As submitted to the Universal Periodic Review Secretariat on 11 January 2024

  1. What measures is Chad taking to strengthen the independence and efficacy of the National Human Rights Commission?
  2. Noting its abolition of the death penalty, does Chad intend to ratify the Second Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, to make abolition definitive and irrevocable?
  3. Would Chad consider decriminalising same-sex relations, in order to allow people of diverse sexual orientations to live their lives free of discrimination?
  4. What timeline is Chad working toward in implementing its stated commitment to amend the Press Act as a means to strengthen media freedom?
  5. Australia would welcome an update on the implementation of measures to improve the rights of children, including as they relate to ending the use of child labour, child marriage and corporal punishment.
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