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Universal Periodic Review of Morocco, Statement by Australia, 8 November 2022

Universal Periodic Review Working Group – 41st Session

Universal Periodic Review of Morocco

Statement by Australia

8 November 2022

Thank you, [President/Vice President]

Australia welcomes Morocco’s engagement with the Universal Periodic Review process, and notes Morocco’s acceptance of most recommendations brought forward during the third round in 2017.

Australia commends Morocco’s ongoing work to improve human rights, including through its National Human Rights Council, support for reproductive rights, and openness to consider death penalty reform.

Australia recognises the importance for Morocco of ensuring rights enshrined in the Constitution are fully realised for all its citizens.   

Australia recommends that Morocco:

  1. Formally abolish the death penalty and ratify the Second Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.
  2. Guarantee and uphold in practice the complete independence and impartiality of the judiciary, and ensure that judges are free from external pressure and interference in the performance of their duties.
  3. Repeal all provisions of the Family Code that discriminate against single mothers and children born outside of marriage, and institute programs to combat stigmatisation against these marginalised groups.
  4. Repeal article 489 of the Penal Code, prohibit discrimination and punish violence committed against persons based on their sexual orientation and gender identity.

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