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Universal Periodic Review of Finland, Statement by Australia, 9 November 2022

Universal Periodic Review Working Group – 41st Session

Universal Periodic Review of Finland

Statement by Australia

Wednesday 9 November 2022

Thank you, [President/Vice President]

Australia welcomes Finland’s long-standing and strong commitment to human rights. Australia welcomes Finland’s actions to establish a National Action Plan to address domestic and family violence. Australia also welcomes Finland’s recent amendment to the criminal code to strengthen protections against sexual crimes.

Australia recommends that Finland:

  1. Ensure the right to self-determination is protected for the Sami, including possible amendments to the Act of the Sami Parliament.
  2. Harmonise their Action Plan for Combatting Violence against Women and their Action Plan for implementation of the Istanbul Convention.
  3. Strengthen the protection of human rights by ensuring cohesion and closer cooperation between relevant agencies and bodies.
  4. Reform legislation to remove the requirement of infertility or sterilization as a condition for the legal recognition of gender reassignment.

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