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Universal Periodic Review of Hungary, Statement by Australia, 2 November 2021

Universal Periodic Review Working Group – 39th Session

Universal Periodic Review of Hungary  

Statement by Australia

2 November 2021

Thank you, [President/Vice President]

Australia acknowledges Hungary’s efforts in recent years, including progress in combatting human trafficking and improvements to the conditions of women’s employment. Australia encourages Hungary to reform laws and policies that impact on human rights and basic freedoms.  

Australia recommends that Hungary:

  1. Strengthen judicial independence and impartiality, including by implementing the UN Basic Principles on the Independence of the Judiciary and strengthening the role of the National Judiciary Council.
  2. Prevent discrimination against minority groups, including by repealing recent laws that prohibit certain discussions about sexual orientation and gender identity issues to those under the age of 18.
  3. Commit to resolving the issue of remaining heirless and unclaimed Jewish property in Hungary with the World Jewish Restitution Organization and other stakeholders expeditiously and in good faith.
  4. Strengthen freedom of expression and association, including by enacting regulations that enable media outlets to obtain licenses to operate and ensuring civil society organisations can operate freely.

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