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Universal Periodic Review of Greece, Statement by Australia, 1 November 2021

Universal Periodic Review Working Group – 39th Session

Universal Periodic Review of Greece

Statement by Australia

1 November 2021

Thank you, [President/Vice President]

Australia welcomes Greece’s continued efforts to improve its human rights framework including through ratification of the Istanbul Convention. Australia commends Greece on concrete steps made in respect of: LGBTI rights; gender equality; the rights of persons with a disability; controls on the armed forces and police; the status of Greece's Muslim minority in the Thrace region; and, combating anti-Semitism and hate speech.

Australia encourages Greece to take further steps to promote full observance of its human rights standards, including in relation to gender inequality and gender-based violence, and the treatment of minorities and vulnerable and marginalised groups in Greek society.

Australia recommends that Greece:

  1. Build upon the institutional framework established under Law 4604/2019, to drive substantive gender equality and the elimination of gender-based violence.
  2. Continue to strengthen efforts to ensure all crimes committed with a discriminatory motive are fully and effectively investigated.
  3. Take further steps to end discrimination against minority groups including its Roma population, and meaningfully integrate Roma children within its education system.

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